About Eugene Cook

As your Huntington Town Councilman, a business owner, a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, “I understand the hard work that is required to provide for families, normally, and the new issues many families are struggling that  they never faced before, due to the pandemic.”  I have committed myself as your Councilman to make our tax dollars more effective and ask for your vote for Supervisor. I’m very proud of my accomplishments as your Councilman.

Since taking office, “I have respectfully listened to the concerns of the people of Huntington, fighting tirelessly to hold the line on taxes and spending while maintaining balanced budgets. I have also been a clear and independent voice for ethics reform, transparency in government and term limits.  I have stood with communities, listening to them when it comes to developing our communities, respecting  your quality-of-life concerns and protecting our youth.”   With your support for Supervisor , I will continue to champion the cause of a better Huntington for the future, while respecting Huntington families, residents, business owners and taxpayers.



My Pledge To You

• I will continue to respectfully listen to my constituents, maintaining a strong voice which reflects the wants of Huntington residents.

• I will support ethics reform, because we need to restore the public trust in government and respect your concerns as a taxpayer.

• I will respect  your children’s and grandchildren’s future by not mortgaging their financial future by providing responsible budgets.

• I will respect the Huntington you want, by providing zoning ordinances that are realistic and feasible.

• I will respect my constituents by listening and working with you to maintain a safe, diverse quality of life that makes Huntington communities unique. And I will continue to be the independent voice putting the families, residents and businesses in the Town of Huntington first.